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تاريخ التسجيل: Nov 2011
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عاشقة محمد ص is on a distinguished road
افتراضي حصريا متصفح الفير فوكس 12 + اداة فعالة لتسريع المتصفح

متصفح الفير فوكس 12 + اداة فعالة لتسريع المتصفح

المتصفح الأول عالميا بأحدث نسخه بتاريخ 18 - 4

Mozilla Firefox 12.0 Beta 6

المتصفح غني عن التعريف بس النسخه بها اضافات وتحديثات مهمه

The main advantages of Mozilla Firefox
- Convenient bookmarks toolbar, which allows one click to create a bookmark or go to your favorite site and find the title of the latest news.
- Integrated search bar that allows you to locate information in various search engines. The number of search engines can be increased by installing the necessary plugins.
- Tab. Ability to view and interact with multiple sites at once in separate tabs of a browser window.
- Automatic updates. In most cases, the size of the updates, no more than a few hundred kilobytes.
- Protection of privacy. One click of the mouse, you can delete all personal data: browsing history, ******s, Web form data, passwords ...
- Safe on the Internet navigation. Firefox stores your privacy and protects against viruses, spyware and pop-ups. And with instant identification of websites Firefox will block access to websites online scams, dangerous trades and forgery.
- The full scale. Ability to view any part of the web page in a larger size.
- Support for RSS. The ability to create bookmarks.
- Extensibility. Mozilla Firefox - the browser that has the largest number of add-ons (plugins). You can customize the toolbar to put the additional modules and themes. Using Mozilla Firefox plug-ins turned from a small compact browser in a beautiful multi-purpose tool for exploring the World Wide Web.

List of changes
-Adapted from clearance controls the playback of video and audio content by means of HTML5, including full-screen mode;
-In the "title" attribute supports insert line breaks that allow for minimal text formatting, output from the title-tips;
-Support for centering the results of the current page;
-Automatically download files through the insertion of an address from the clipboard to the download manager window;
-For the Windows platform worked to simplify the installation of updates. For Windows Vista and Windows 7 Dialogue User Access Control (UAC) to grant permission to perform the operation will now be displayed only once rather than at each update;
-Support for CSS-properties of the column-fill, applies to all multi-column elements and to manipulate the placement of content in columns. For example, the "balance" indicates a uniform distribution of content to ensure uniform height of each column. The value "auto" indicates the consecutive filling, in which the columns are filled depending on the content;
-Support for CSS-properties text-align-last, describing the method of the last line in a block of text or line to the forced line break;
Experimental support for object-Map, and Set, defined in the ECMAScript specification 6;
-85 Enhancements added to the integrated browser tools for web-developers, such as Web-based console, **********-editor of the Scratchpad, Editor CSS, page inspector, the inspector styles viewer, HTML-code and a system of three-dimensional inspection. Among the interesting changes:
-When viewing a page of code added to display line numbers;
-After starting the web-console, previously accumulated errors and messages will be displayed in view of the limit on the size of the message queue;
Editor-in adds support for Scratchpad search mask (ctrl-F) and the transition to a given line number (ctrl-J);
-In the Style Editor adds support for translation of interface elements;
Editor-styles immediately adds lockable bracket for the curve of the new rules, to avoid disruption of walking followed the rules;
-In the 3D-inspection of the opportunity to hide certain nodes DOM;
-If you change the page in the page inspector now updates the current position is illuminated.

اثبات النسخه

حجم النسخه 16 ميجا وطبعا متوافقه مع جميع نسخ الويندوز

تحميل المتصفح

أداة تسريع متصفح الفير فوكس بكل فعاليه

لذا فهذه الاداة مصممة خصيصا لحل المشاكل التجزئة. الطريقة المستخدمة في SpeedyFox هي آمنة 100 ? لملف التعريف الخاص بك (على سبيل المثال bookmars كلمات السر ، الخ) وموثقة جيدا واختبارها على العديد من أجهزة الكمبيوتر .

إســم الإداة :- SpeedyFox 2.0.2

ترخيص الإداة :- مجانية - Free

توافق الاداة :- All windows

الأداة لجميع اصدارات الفيرفوكس

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افتح الادارة ثم اتبع الصور




ثم اغلق الاداة واستمتع بالسرعة الرهيبة

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0 أجمل وأعذب وأجمل أدعية القنوت بأجمل وأشهر الأصوات
0 مشغل الملتيميديا الرآئع في إصداره الحصري بإضافات خيالية
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